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A 10 year Passion for Everything Exhibiting!


Corefocus has been helping clients excel at exhibiting for over 10 years. Over the years, the business has grown and expanded to offer clients a full range of exhibition stand services.

We’re passionate about giving our clients the very best exhibition advice whether that is setting your exhibition budget, planning your show, choosing the right exhibition stand or portable display stand or dealing with the on-site services crews and show organisers.

We also are not just limited to Gujarat or the India for that matter – If you’re planning on exhibiting internationally, we have that capability. Just give us a call.

We want our clients to come back to us and therefore customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We bring to you expert knowledge and experience with a personal service. When you come to us looking for inspiration for an exhibition stand, you will be assigned an exhibition stand Project Manager who will stay with you from start to finish, guiding you and working with you every step of the way. Whether you need an exhibition stand or a portable display such as a pop up display system, you will get the same level of attention to detail and customer service.

Being passionate about our exhibition stand products and services and with a real desire to exceed customer expectations means we only work with you when we know we can provide the right solution. We will not recommend an exhibition stand solution or portable display stand that we know is not up to the job. That is our assurance to you.

Superior Stand Design

Superior design, makes the best marketing sense – why risk anything less than the best to show off your business?

High Quality Displays

We can input as much in to the concept and design as you like – regardless your finished display stand will be of the highest quality!

Attention to Detail

We love what we do and we want you to love what we do as well – it’s why every single job is so cared for by us.

Worldwide Service

We design and build here in the India, but we also offer a full worldwide service including Europe, UAE and the America!

Manufacture Specialists

We have experience and knowledge of turning designs concepts in to the real life form.

Let's Talk

We are always happy to talk through any of your questions or ideas so call us now on +91 972 430 5547.

Experience Matters

We have oodles of event experience.
Over 10 years of running events, in fact.

As live events go, there are not many situations we haven't come across before. Never complacent, we are always on the lookout for new techniques, creative ideas and fresh thinking.

We bring our experience, creativity and resources and add them to your team to create events that inspire, educate, motivate and influence participants to 'Do' something.

Creative Design100%
Production Quality100%
Attention to Detail100%
On Time Delivery100%
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